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Hello Thomas

Well, I am now safely back from my EBC trek and how wonderful the experience was! Everything went according to plan except I was unable to do the Chola Pass due to weather conditions. On arrival at Goyko, the snow came down and we were stranded there for two days. Couldn't go to the 4th and 5th lakes either due to heavy snow. Goyko RI was also shrouded in snow although I tried this ascent twice. Gave up after nearly reaching the summit but with no view at all and snow swirling about, we turned around. We then had to trek all the way down and back to Portse which took a whole day - walking through thick snow and really steep descents - it was fantastic!! Got to Portse absolutely stuffed and was greeted by the lodge owners with loads of steaming tea, a hot shower and clean clothes!! The rest of the trip went according to plan and all I can say is that the whole trek was totally amazing! Tilak and his crew were brilliant - my guide/porter was very, very good - caring, attentive, informative and helpful all the time. Tikal was in comms with us all the time via satellite phone - probably making sure this "old lady" was fine. Other guides would seek me out for a chat and encouragement and this was really appreciated. I had not one single sign of AMS - not a headache, no nausea, no loss of appetite, no sleeplessness. In fact, the higher we got, the stronger I felt. I put it down to sheer luck and common sense. I had trained really hard for this trip and being so fit also helped. What I think was also of great help was that for two months prior to the trip, I swam one kilometer every day - I am convinced this helped my lung capacity and also helped me to pace my steps when the trail got steep and tough. What more do I say - the highlights of my trek were the small things - visiting a tiny monastery run by 30 nuns who welcomed me in and gave me tea, biscuits and popcorn, being invited into the private living areas of one lodge owner and him insisting I have my meals with them, laughing with Krisna (my guide) at my panting up Kala Pathar, my delight at seeing mountain goats and musk deer - oh, a myriad of small things which highlighted my sense of self-achievement. So, Thomas - my thanks to you and to Tilak who made this all possible for me without any fuss. These ease of all the arrangements was first-class, professional and so very caring. Thank you very much for this.

Kindest regards
1st June 2009
PS - I think Kilimanjaro now beckons!!!

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